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Two are better than one - A Swiss therapy visit

On February 27th we were contacted and informed that a Swiss born mom(Wilma) was in a nursing home due to a stroke and that a visit from a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog would likely cheer her up because the breed was one of her favorites.

Julie and Frank Vonada volunteered to go see Wilma with their dog Dixie and here is how there visit went:

Upon arrival Wilma's 2 daughters were there and they told Wilma that she had a visitor... Dixie and Julie walk in the dinning room and she sees Dixie! She started crying the second she saw Dixie! And Dixie went right up to her and put her head on her lap... of course a few more tears!

We were talking and I told them that Frank was out side with Fredrick and she wanted to met him too! So we found a covered area outside, and my Fredrick was just wonderful with her! She couldn't keep her hands off of him while holding Dixie's leash!

When it was time to go, there were sad tears but we promised we would come see her again! It took a while for me to get Dixie's leash from her and Dixie seems content laying at her feet!

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