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Kids and Swissies in school: a therapy visit

The story below is a great example of sharing the love of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Julie Vonada sent us this story of her experience: "We were at Lakeport Elementary School, we are meeting with the whole 2nd grade class, 4 classes total in four visits. We are teaching them how to approach a dog, and the different jobs that dogs can do. After I talk about the jobs, then each child gets to come and meet Dixie. I did have to train Dixie for the 'no kissing' rule for therapy dogs, which is hard for her not to give a little kiss. There have been about 25 kids in each class and there are many questions they ask, which the most popular hands down 'how much does she weigh?'. (the answer is 116). Her dog partner in class is a miniature rat terrier (Jake weighs about 7 pounds), they make quite the couple! After everyone meets the 2 dogs, then we show a few tricks for the kids…. Dixie sits, puts her paw up, lays down and plays dead…. The kids love the trick part of the day too!"

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