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Get in on the action for 2020!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Calling all Happy Campers!!!

You can now reserve your camping spot under the Pavilion at the 2020 Western Regional.  All Swiss Breeds and Family are welcome, so please pass this information on!

We are taking reservations now, please complete the form and mail your form and check to Toni, the Site Manager. Checks will be cashed July 1st.  Price for the ‘flat fee’ will increase on July 2nd to $50. 

We will not be taking reservations after September 1st through our club, you will need to book with Del Valle for general camping after September 1st.

Because of the events at the fairgrounds which includes Agility, Barnhunt and Fastcat we are opening reservations up for Wednesday with a check in time of 3:00pm to 10:00pm. You can come any time on Thursday!  For those of who are coming on Friday, as with all AKC events you can only travel the grounds with a vehicle during non-show times.  Check-in times are after 5:00pm.

Don’t delay!  We filled our camping last year by July!

Julie Vonada

Golden Gate Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club President

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