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What better time to stay active, connect with others, and support our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue Foundation… all while enjoying time with our four-legged friends.


Paws-A-Thon is about combining 2 of our favorite things: walking (or hiking) and our dogs!


To Join:

  • Register for Paws-A-Thon on the Club's website: $20.00 per person fee. You can walk as many dogs as you would like!

  • Download WoofTrax app, ( ) when setting up the app on your phone: select Florida and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue Foundation

  • Start Walking (or hiking) while of course observing social distancing

  • The following Monday mornings, we will create a post on Golden State Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club’s Facebook page asking for you miles. Post your screenshot of your last week’s history, under the comments.

By Noon

o April 11

o April 18

o April 25

o May 2

WoofTrax is not a guarantee that money will be donated to the GSMD rescue but WE are, Golden State Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club we donate 25% of the money made to the GSMD Rescue!

Weekly: A prize will given for simply taking a ‘themed picture’ during your walk. The theme will be posted within the week. Post your picture on the same thread as your screenshotted miles. We will be doing a random drawing.


On MAY 2nd : the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded at the end of Paws-A-Thon for the most miles walked (or hiked) for the past 30 days!

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$20 per person

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